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GIF Chat, the first app developed for the Pinger Network, enables users to create short looping videos and text them privately; GIFs will self-destruct at sender’s request

San Jose, California — August 8, 2013 — Pinger, makers of the U.S.’s #1 free texting and calling app, today announced the global release of GIF Chat, a video-messaging app that combines animated GIFs with text messaging for the first time. This latest app from Pinger makes it easy to create and share animated GIFs privately. The app seamlessly integrates unlimited texting, and the GIFs can be set to self-destruct after being viewed. GIF Chat is the first app developed for use on the new Pinger Network, the company’s unified messaging and monetization platform, which allows users of all Pinger apps to communicate for free with one another, regardless of the Pinger app they’re using.

“Consumers are looking for fun, expressive and private ways to communicate,” said Greg Woock, co-founder and CEO of Pinger. “GIF Chat uniquely combines a number of the features that users around the world are looking for – video messaging, unlimited texting and the ability to control who sees the message and when it disappears.”

GIF Chat users are in complete control of who sees their video content and how many times it can be viewed. Users record up to 6-seconds of video, set the video speed, add text and determine the number of loops the recipient can view before it disappears. The app instantly creates a unique animated GIF that can be sent privately to another GIF Chat user or anyone on any app on the Pinger Network. GIF Chat works over 3/4G or WiFi. The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store at An Android version of GIF Chat will be available later this month.

“We don’t believe that one messaging app will satisfy every consumer need,” said Woock. “GIF Chat is the first of many apps that Pinger plans to introduce on the Pinger Network. These interoperable, global apps will offer unique and cutting-edge messaging features and will target a variety of users and use cases.”

The Pinger Network and the interoperability of Pinger apps are critical elements of the company’s global expansion strategy. Consumers have demonstrated their interest in installing and using multiple messaging apps if they have the features they desire. But they also want to be able to easily connect with the key people in their network. The Pinger Network addresses this consumer need. Over time, Pinger will introduce many apps, each of which will provide a limited, but powerful set of features. Users will have a universal messaging inbox that can be accessed in any of the company’s apps. Most importantly, users of any of the company’s apps can communicate with any other user on the Pinger Network.

More New Apps from Pinger

The company will also be releasing two additional messaging apps that provide users with a number of unique features. Both will be available on the Pinger Network:

  • JukeVox Messenger is a voice messenger and texting app-in-one that allows users to record voice messages, apply sound effects such as a siren or voice changers, and send them to friends.
  • Free Style Messenger is an app that allows users to completely customize how texts appear upon receipt – from font and color options to background colors to animated smileys and live-action GIFs. It will also allow users to create texts that self-destruct after viewing.

JukeVox and Free Style Messenger can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store at and Android versions of JukeVox and Free Style will be available later this month.

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Pinger’s mission is to make global messaging fun, free and easy. Pinger has a globally-scalable monetization platform and is the #1 free texting and calling app in the U.S. with 12 million monthly active users and billions of text messages sent. All Pinger apps are ad-supported, delivering standard mobile banners, in-conversation sponsorships, large 300x250 and full-screen display ads as well as rich-media advertising opportunities. The company’s flagship apps, Textfree and the Pinger phone app, are free apps that enable users to turn iPads and iPods into mobile phones with texting and talking features, or to add a free phone line to iPhones and Android devices. Pinger and Textfree users can text and call to any phone in the U.S. and Canada, including smartphones, landlines and basic mobile phones.

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