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Send to Any German Mobile Number from iPhone, Android Phone or iPod touch

San Jose, CA, USA and Munich, Germany — June 21, 2011 — Pinger, Inc., has landed in Munich, Germany, unshackling mobile users from expensive SMS fees by making texting free. The Silicon Valley mobile communications giant, already the #1 free texting provider in the US, has announced it is now bringing its Pinger Textfree application to Germany: “Pinger SMS Free”. For the first time, German iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users will be able to get a free German mobile number and send free SMS to any other German mobile or Pinger Textfree user.

In the United States, Pinger Textfree boasts over 15 million downloads and its users trade well over a billion messages a month, an ad-supported model that has revolutionized the texting world and made Pinger the 7th largest US carrier. The move into Germany marks a new milestone for mobile communications, in a country where texting is too expensive by any standards. Pinger SMS Free overcomes this economic hurdle through patent-pending technology that ensures no carrier sends more texts than it receives. Keeping texting volume in both directions symmetric completely eliminates texting costs. It’s an ingenious solution that makes texting completely free, and something no other carrier is doing. The company plans to apply the same technology to voice calls later this year.

Pinger SMS Free will be available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market later this summer. The app will be ad-supported and completely FREE. Pinger refuses to let users pay for texting!

How does it work?

Once German users download the application, they choose a local German mobile number and can start texting immediately, with 10 free texts already credited to their account. For every text they receive (free), users can send a text (free). Any user can thus continue texting absolutely free so long as she also receives an equivalent number of texts.

“The consumer price of mobile communications in Europe is extremely high, and various companies have been trying to solve this problem for years,” said Greg Woock, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Pinger. “Pinger has solved the problem in a totally unique way that doesn’t try to change the underlying model for operators. We simply neutralize the high costs for the consumer.”

The company expects its Pinger SMS Free app to greatly increase the number of text messages sent in Germany, to both regular SMS users and other Pinger Textfree users.

About Pinger, Inc.

Pinger makes texting and talking free. Our market-leading communications products have been downloaded by millions of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users around the world. Pinger is loaded with inventive people who enjoy creating consumer products and services that make a difference in people's lives.

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