Doodle Buddy Gold

The most fun you can have with your finger!

  • Funny sounds paired with stamps are a blast!
  • Finger paint on your favorite pics and cool backgrounds
  • Draw with other users on the same WiFi network
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Doodle Buddy for iPad

Doodle Buddy for iPad is the most fun you can have with your fingers—heck, it's even the most fun you can have with two, three or four fingers! Finger paint with thousands of colors and drop in playful stamps.

  • Paint with multiple fingers, yea like in pre-school!
  • Funny sounds paired with stamps are a blast!
  • Doodle and stamp all over your own pictures.
  • Lots of cool drawing tools: paintbrush, glitter, chalk, text, stencils, smudge and more!
  • 44,000-color picker doesn't get your fingers dirty.
  • Share your doodles with your friends via email.
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StickWars 2

StickWars 2 requires lightning-fast fingers and cunning strategy. Defend your kingdom and stick it to Maelnik's invading horde!

  • Fling your way to victory against Zombies and all-new armies of deadly enemies like Doom Dogs
  • Command the elements to cast six devastating wind and lightning spells
  • Use captured enemies to unleash epic abilities like Rain of Arrows or repair your wall with Work Frenzy
  • Castle walls get bigger as you get more powerful
  • Get free extras to help conquer your enemies
  • Updated graphics and all new animations
  • OpenFeint and Game Center achievements
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Dragon Dash

The race is on! Race young dragon Dart to save Dragon World from the Lords of Diabalon.

  • The adventure continues in Sweltering Sands with all-new desert races!
  • Race at breakneck speeds
  • Customize Dart's racing stats
  • Visit Toasty's Shop to buy powerful abilities
  • Body check your competition out of the sky
  • Race on 50 exciting tracks
  • New cards give you permanent powers like resistance to fire and body checks
  • More customization--change Dart's color, even add lucky dust
  • Navigate through obstacle courses, extreme turns, and much more
  • Requires iOS 4.x
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Pick or take a photo to "chop", then choose a background and go. It's so EASY!

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