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Pinger's Textfree offers your brand a premium mobile advertising opportunity, reaching a massive audience of active daily users. Numbers on par with the biggest names in the mobile universe.

comScore iOS Application Report - December 2011 - US

When you advertise with Pinger's Textfree your message shares the same vital mobile real estate as our users' messages.

Think of it as your brand's backstage pass to the hub of modern social communication. Where plans are laid, opinions swayed and decisions made.

Target your campaign by age, gender, location and more. And we deliver real-time metrics so you always know exactly how well your ads are performing.

Our unique platform turns a standard banner into a proper standard bearer for your brand. Want to amp up your ad's impact? Sample the raw power of rich media options like full-screen start-ups, interactive games and in-app video landing pages.

Our 8 million active users want to hear from your brand! Our sales team is happy to tell you more about how to do it. Just call or email, Evan.

Evan Woock
National Sales Manager